Great Britain

Ishmael Venables

EITC First Division

Arne was one of Ishmael's loyal warriors, recruited during their secret meeting held at Erik's house and is one of the first warriors at the meeting to volunteer to sail to Spain. He is a skilled archer. Arne wears a leather eye patch which he occasionally discards to use his rifle usely.


When Ishamel's ship sets sail for Spain, Arne is among the volunteers recruited at Erik's home. Arne, seen squatting on deck, witnessed Ishmael kill one of the crew for accusing Ishmael of being in partnership with the trickster among the Norse gods, Loki. After their successful raid of Lindisfarne, Arne returned to the longboat with the others.

In Dispossessed, Arne sailed back to Spain with Ishmael. He is among the landing party that slaughtered the local Sheriff and his men.

In Trial, Arne called out to Ishmael and Ryan when the raiders sight Hexham. When asked by Ryan what day it is today, Arne casually replied "Saturday". As such, Ishmael told them that they will wait until Sunday to attack, during mass.

When the party entered the church during mass, Arne is the first one to kill a defending Saxon with his battleaxe. After the raid, they find Saxons waiting for them on the beach, where Arne was seen immediately killing one Saxon soldier with his bow. As the battle raged on, Arne was lifted up on a shield to fire arrows at the Saxons from behind the 'shield wall'.

Arne was present during the celebration of Ishmael's release at Erik's home, seen dancing with Floki and Leif. After Ragnar asked for a toast "To friends and freedom," Arne told him that "You'll never be free of us!" before stumbling back to join Leif and Floki.

When the celebration was interrupted by Earl Haraldson's men, Arne survived the encounter.