Aslaug Venables
Aslaug Venables


Ishmael "Killer Angel" Venables (Husband)

Caterina Venables (Wife)

Cersai Venables (Wife)

Melisandre Venables (Wife)

Ygritte Venables (Wife)


Princess of Gotaland


Margeant Venables

Ishmael Jr. Venables

Lagertha Venables

Ivar the Conqueror

Gyda Venables

Edward Venables

Abigail Venables

Sigurd- Snakes in the eye Venables (1748)

Aslaug is the second wife of Ishamel Venables and Caterina Venables and the mother of his younger children. Aslaug has a "gift": like a völva, Aslaug is some form of a seeress who sees the future through visions or prophecies.

First SonEdit

She was given birth to a son and they named him Sigurd- Snake in the eyes because of his eye due to her father's attack in a battle.


  • Caterina Venables - Since the two got along, everything changed when the both fell in love with Ishmael.


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