Welcome to the WikiEdit

Welcome to the WikiEdit

Hello! And welcome to the British Black Guard Wiki, which is also the headquarters of the EITC and the Official Government of Great Britain and Ireland. We have a lot of staff here, are looking to expand our amount of users, and also grow our Pirates of the Caribbean roleplay group named the British Black Guard. We look forward to helping you, and seeing you around the wiki. Thanks for stopping by, and see you soon.




British Black Guard Wiki StaffEdit

Ishamel Venables Founder, Brigadier General, Lord Constable of the EITC and has served since Co. Empire.

Peter J. Plankwrecker Bureacraft, Peter has served in King's Marines , and is an assistant to the Lord Constable. He is a trusted user, and is in charge of our chat with Ryan and Mark Ironskull. Trusted friend to Ishmael and Mark.

Mark Ironskull Admin, has served since Co. Empire, however, went inactive. User came back after British Co. Elites, guildmastered by Minister of Warefare Sven Daggersteel was starting.

Simon Pratton Chat Moderator, has served since Co. Black Guard, has been a loyalty officer to Great Britain.

Latest activityEdit