In the EITC, players will be tasked with wearing apparel that corresponds with their rank and duties in the EITC. Recruits will be allotted certain pairs of clothing, and officials of higher rank and experience will have the freedom to customize their clothing as they wish. As long as the clothing is fairly neat and suitable for wear during training and carrying out orders, then it will be approved for use. As previously stated, recruits will be ordered to wear a particular kind of clothing as seen fit by high-ranking men. However, it is assumed, that off-duty or in non-training EITC activities, recruits will likely have the freedom to wear clothing of their preference. Certain members of the EITC have already decided on the apparel that they will wear. If you want to don a particular clothing set or certain articles of clothing, it can be added to the list lower on the page.

A comprehensive list of articles regarding clothing are posted below for your convenience.