Haytham Plankwrecker


Great Inagua


Peter Plankwrecker (Father)

Jennifer Plankwrecker (Mother)


Jessica Plankwrecker (Oldest Sister)


Kaniehtí:io Plankwrecker


Ratonhnhaké:ton Plankwrecker

Early LifeEdit

On the day of December 4, 1747, in Great Inagua, a young boy, Haytham Plankwrecker was born to his parents, Peter and Jennifer, and became a fellow sibling to his older sister Jessica. Eventually after his birth, around the age of 3, he was able to walk without help and began to show an interest in reading. This particular interest soon prompted him to utter his first word, "book". As he continued to grow, he increasingly spent his time watching his father walk through the jungles of Great Inagua. He was taught to explore the wilderness during his own time, and soon became familiar with the animals that inhabited the jungles and waters of the island. However, even though he preferred to read or be with his father, his additional interest in naval combat and training helped to increase his intelligence further. At the age of 12, Haytham often found himself at British training camps and forts, where his father received orders from British officials. Later, at the ripe age of 16, Haytham's interest in naval training took a greater hold over his life, and he decided to enlist at the Royal Navy's Academy to acquire a new experience at sea.

The AcademyEdit

While training at hand-to-hand combat and practicing swordfighting, Haytham eventually met an older boy by the name of Ishmael Jr. "Ironside" Venables. The two soon became comrades to each other, and for a brief time, studied together and trained to become some of the best officers in His Majesty's navy.


Upon graduation at the Academy, Haytham was greeted by fellow officers who had noticed his work along Ishmael Venables's son, who was now a Lieutenant. They were fairly impressed by his navigational and fighting skills, especially since he had learned them at a younger age. To Haytham's great joy, they offered him a promotion to Lieutenant as well, and he gladly accepted it. His promotion would eventually set him on a path to great fame and honor.

After arriving at Great Inagua, Haytham found his father on duty and gave him a hug. In response, Peter congratulated him, and as a special reward, he decided to take Haytham on a trip to Kingshead, where Haytham was very eager to travel to. During their arrival at Kingshead, Peter introduced his son to an amount of his old comrades stationed there. He was told about many of his father's adventures during past years in the wars, and this inspired Haytham to stay at Kingshead and train more while Peter resumed his duties.