This rulebook is under construction by User:Ishmael Venables and Mark Ironskull. Please do not edit it without permission of them.


Our swearing policy is strict, and will be handled with properly. The following words are the ONLY words that will be allowed in our chatroom.

  1. Hell
  2. Bastard
  3. Ass
  4. Damn
  5. Piss

Your offenses will be wrote down on a page where no normal user will be allowed to edit. If a mod, admin, rollback, or bureaucrat breaks this policy, the will be stripped of their duties on the wiki, and may be kicked from the first division all around.


After an incident of a specific user, any drug, alcohol, or illegal substance abuse that is brought into the chat will be held with infinite ban punishment. The User may speak to an admin on a third party wiki to prove that they have fixed their drug, alcohol, or substance problem. This course of action will be taken very seriously.

Caps LockEdit

Caps Lock will be strictly prohibited in the chat room at all times. Exceptions are only for private messages, where a User may determine how much caps lock they are to put up with.


If you are found to be impersonating someone with a third party wikia account, your sockpuppet will be infinitely banned and your main account will be dealt with by punishment, via ban, discussion, or demotion.


Your military rank will be dealt with strictly in private messaging in chat, unless a vote occurs deciding the user/soldiers rank.