Plankwrecker Manor
Plankwrecker Manor


Nassau (Beachfront)








1,048,018 Euros

($1,400,000 USD.)


Peter Plankwrecker,

Jennifer Plankwrecker

Historical InformationEdit

Plankwrecker Manor is a manor stationed in the island of Nassau, and originally built by native construction workers employed by the EITC. Construction began in 1739 when newly-conquered land was issued to EITC members, who used various sections of their gained land to produce households for the public, as well as special-access residences only available to experienced members of the EITC. As the manor's materials and size were rather expensive to create and reproduce, it was filed into the category of special-access houses. Construction work began in 1739, and after two years of labor-intensive work, was finally completed and put up for sale to British/EITC members in the area. Eventually after moving to Nassau, the married couple, Peter Plankwrecker and Jennifer Plankwrecker bought the manor for its listed price in the hopes of raising a family. Transactions were made mostly in Euros provided from Peter's stored gold and Jennifer's money, and full ownership of the manor was entitled to them. Soon after the purchase, Peter made adjustments to the manor itself to provide a greater level of comfort for a new living resident-his father. The adjustments specifically included a greater square footage of lawn area, a slightly larger garden area, a roofed patio on the beach sands, and two maids, who Peter himself hired for dusting and cleaning.


The manor itself includes a rather impressive foundation that surrounds and is integrated into the walls. Its multiple exterior pillars and the inside wall designs boast of quartz and are rich in strong minerals, providing a sturdy and reliable, yet appealing wall style. In terms of exterior decorations, a lush garden, ripe with Caribbean flowers and a partially protected overhang, is present. The location of the manor and neighborhood is rather suitable for Peter and his family, definitely considering that their nearby neighbors and company include the Ironskull Estate, Caternia Venables's household, and Chris Warhawk's household.