Royal Navy Academy
Royal Academy

Date Established:

26th May, 1722


First Sea Lord Matthew Blastshot


Liverpool, England Kingshead, Caribbean Padres del Fuego, Caribbean Port Tariff, Caribbean Port Royal, Caribbean Port Newscastle, Caribbean Wales, England

The Royal Navy Academy is, well, an academy for the Royal Navy. It was founded by First Sea Lord Matthew Blastshot, who needed new recruits, and fast. It was established in Liverpool, England on May 26, 1722. Hours later, schools began popping up in the Caribbean.


Headmaster ~ Professor Matthew Blastshot

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Assistant Headmaster ~ Professor Robert Macmonger


  • Professor Francis Bluehawk/Level 1 Recruits
  • Professor Benjamin Macmorgan/ Level 2 Recruits

Weapon Mechanics (Gunpowder)(4):

  • Open

Weapon Mechanics (Blade)(4):

  • Open

Firing Control ~ Open—Teaches recruits better ways to fight with gunpowder

Blade Techniques ~ Open—Teaches recruits better ways to fight with blades

Professor of Sailing ~ Open—Teaches recruits how to Work abpard a Ship

More positions open to request!

List of ProfessorsEdit

Professor Matthew Blastshot ~ Headmaster

Professor Robert Macmonger ~ Assistant Headmaster

Professor Francis Bluehawk ~ Level 1 Tactics Professor

Professor Benjamin Macmorgan ~ Level 2 Tactics Professor

Professor James Strider ~ Level 1 Professor of Sailing

Professor Johnny Coaleaston ~ Level 1 Firing Control

Professor Alexander Johnson ~ Level 1 Cannon Control


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